Secretary – Sree Narayana Mission
Manager – Gurusree Public School

As Gurusree is celebrating its 25 years of operations, we are re-dedicating ourselves in the service of Kodungalloor. We started 25 years ago with the mission of bringing affordable education to the common man, and are happy to be now a school known for its compassion and “student-first” approach. During the pandemic, as many families suffering loss of income and uncertainty, the school stepped up as community leader by waiving off admission fees. Our teachers set an example for the whole community to reach out and visit all students at their homes, reinforcing the message of care for our children. While the whole world came to a stand-still and later struggled with the aftermath of COVID, Gurusree went into a self-reflection mode. The leadership changed, new ideas flowed in and perhaps most importantly we made a bold and unprecedented decision – to introduce the teachings of our guiding light – Gurudevan, as a course in the curriculum. While many have talked about it for years, we would be the first school in the state, and even the country, to embrace the teachings of one the greatest humanitarian as life lessons for the children. The response we have got from even the highest levels of the government and Sivagiri Math encourage us to strive harder on this new path that we have embarked upon.
It is what we stand for, that makes us different. At Gurusree, we try to live by this philosophy in everything we do– never to discriminate on any basis, and to put children and the society first.
At this juncture, which marks the beginning of an important chapter, we seek your support.