“Every brilliant experiment, like every great work of art, starts with an act of imagination.”  Science exhibition was inaugurated by Mr.Sreejith V S, Director Science Centre Kodungallur and he pointed the importance of science in our daily life. All the participant students show their models related to science such as space satellites, water purifiers, DC motors, rainwater harvesting, Robots, solar systems, etc. The participant students were so happy with their creativity. All the students were so excited, especially those who want to choose science as their career.

As a part of this day our school was also organized a Virtual reality space program, the next generation technology. VR users move in a completely fictional world. It Provides an immersive experience sparks curiosity and inspires future innovations for the advancement of space exploration and planetary science to the students. They really enjoyed a lot.

A food court was arranged by the XI students under the guidance of Asha Jobi Ma’am, it was inaugurated by our Joint secretary Saseendran Sir. Principal Shiny K G Ma’am was there for all the support & motivation. she encouraged the students and teachers to organize such type of events.

Afternoon session, had a friendly match between GFC & Alumni team. At the end  the principal announced Alumni team as the winners and gave prize. A memorable day came to an end, and the students returned home with great joy.